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Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano: opening times and itineraries
15 Apr 2014

Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano: opening times and itineraries

The Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano was established in 2003, in order to revamp and value the mining history of the site. Situated in Tuscany, this Park is a cultural and tourist hub and was created using the old sites of what once was Europe’s biggest pyrite mine. Visitors will relive miners’ typical day, from dressing rooms to the lamp room and they will even descend underground, where explosive stocks and tools still can be found. Visitors will also see what kind of materials were used in the process of breaking down rock and the arming tunnels systems. The itinerary will be even more compelling thanks to audiovisual material and period pictures, while lights, images and sound will recreate the environmental conditions inside the mine.

Equipped visiting areas inside Gavorrano’s Park include the Rocks Park, with its Gallery Museum and Theatre, and the Ravi-Marchi Mining Compound. The Rocks Park is named after its evocative location inside a rock quarry and leads to the Museum, which takes place in a 150 meters long tunnel. The homonymous theatre is a majestic outdoor structure, its shape evoking the one of a Greek amphitheatre, and it lies at the foot of the old San Rocco pit. The theatre hosts several cultural events and musical, dramatic and dancing shows every Summer. Inside the Ravi-Marchi compound you can visit the mine’s outside structures, which were abandoned in 1965 and are now restored for educational purpose.

The Rocks Park’s itinerary is 800 meters long and it takes about an hour to visit, even without a tourist guide. The Gallery Museum’s visit also takes an hour, same goes for the Ravi-Marchi Compound.

The opening times of the Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano change according to seasons. In summer time, it is open every day, both morning and afternoon, except for Mondays; night openings are also scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays, based on the Rocks Theatre’s shows. In spring and autumn time, the Park is only opened on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, while in wintertime it is open only on Sundays and public holidays, both morning and afternoon.

The ticket price is € 10 (reduced € 8) for a full visit and € 6 (reduced € 5) for a partial one. Starting from November 2013 the Gallery Museum of Gavorrano is closed due to maintenance work until further notice. For more information please contact at: + 39 0566 846231 (or + 39 0566 846231 on closing days). Email:  parcogavorrano@tiscali.it.