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We are in Puglia!
24 Feb 2021

We are in Puglia!

Finally we are in Puglia, you can fall in love with Puglia’sea and the wonderful colors of the ancient olive groves. You can discover boroughs and historical villages of one of the most charming region of Italy. Light, fragrances and history are the top quality of this dreaming landscape across adriatic and ionian seaside.

You won’t believe your eyes in front of the majesty of the Romanesque cathedrals kissed by the sun. The spectacular white stone walls of Apulian houses will dazzle you and definitively win your heart.

Puglia is a region with century of history that fascinates with its extraordinary combination of art and nature. Salento, in particular, in addition to it’s rich culture and tradition – which goes back to the ancient Greeks – has a large number of breathtaking beaches. During the day you can explore the enviromnent of the protect marine areas and, when the sun goes down, you can dive into the dancing nightlife of the beautiful seaside towns.

After a swim in the crystal clear waters of the sea you can take a break with focaccia, a delicious baked speciality that will delight you with the autentic mediterranean taste. The apulian cuisine offers a choice of unique flavours: sea urchins, octopus, potatoes and mussels are the best products of southern italy’s table.

Imagine your ideal vacation, Puglia can ben visited in any season thanks to its warm, pleasant weather. You can choose to spend your time in different activities, from surfing to snorkeling, or you can take a break in a wellness center in the famous thermal baths of Margherita di Savoia.

If you are looking for a luxury holiday in Puglia, WeVillas offers to you new wonderful places for rent.

Get ready to enjoy your exclusive journey!

Villa Il Pumo

In the amazing context of Puglia’s landscape you can lodge in Villa Il Pumo, near the nice port town of Savelletri in the province of Brindisi.

This beautiful two level house is completely surrounded by olive groves and it’s located less than 300 meters from the seaside. Here you can join moments of relax in the fascinating dining area with garden view. The location is suitable for six guests and includes an amazing heated pool, an outdoor gym and a solarium.

It’s the perfect place where you can organize meals with friends enjoying the view of the surrounding countryside. The warm colors make this property very welcoming, Villa Il Pumo it’s the heavenly estate where you can find the peace of your ideal vacation.

Are you ready to book? Visit our new Puglia’s destination to discover the villa of your dreams!