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Florence is one of the best-known cities in the world for its artistic and monumental treasures, but how’s life, today, in this amazing city? Which fascinating places you can visit, in addition to the usual museums? Which roads can be covered, how many markets are not to miss? And what about the typical food that can be tasted in the 134 taverns in Florence? For those who want to experience Florence not as tourists, but as protagonists, WeVillas has created this “experiential travel”, which will take you from the Arno river to the precious artifacts of Florentine artisans, through a kaleidoscope of essences. You won’t be able to eat in all the restaurants and taverns in the city, but every now and then you’ll have the chance to stop and taste some of the most excellent food and wine ever existed. To top it off, you will experience the thrill of staying in a cozy Tuscan home built in the 18th century.

Spotlight on:

  • Gastronomic tour of Florence
  • Florentine artisans
  • On boat on the river Arno
  • Vanity from the Renaissance - the most ancient pharmacy in the world
  • Living in a dream villa

The experience, in a few words

The experiential travel can accommodate up to 12 people in the beautiful Villa Ibisco.

(Day 1): Food and wine tour in Florence - tasting of food and traditional wines, guided visit to the city’s central market - 1/2 day

(Day 2): The Florentine artisans - on the street of Florence, visiting the characteristic artisan shops - 1/2 day

(Day 3): On boat on the river Arno - boat trip on the river - 1/2 day

(Day 4): Vanity from the Renaissance - visit one of the most ancient pharmacies in the world, with “perfume tasting” - 1/2 day

Detailed description

The city of Florence as no one ever has seen it, touched it, smelled it and tasted it: from the river to the workshops, from the perfumed oils to the local food and wine. Everything becomes a unique experience with WeVillas.

Gastronomic tour of Florence

Florence boasts 134 restaurants, bars and taverns that are part of the “Tuscan food showcase”. From Borgo San Lorenzo to Montespertoli, from Certaldo to Vinci, there are a number of place where you can taste the real Tuscan cuisine. Every restaurant offers a unique tasting menu, but all of them focus on traditional recipes and local wines. From classic dishes like ribollita and pappa al pomodoro, Florentine steak and tripe, to more specific recipes, such as stewed duck or pork in vegetable sauce. The first courses range from the Traditional ravioli wth meat sauce, to strozzapreti (a type of short pasta) with pork sauce and risotto with porcini mushrooms. Many dishes focus on local products, such as patata saporita or tasty cake with Certaldo red onions, sbriciolana, pecorino cheese aged in cave with fig jam and Tuscan zolfini bean soup. With the support of our expert guide you will explore the colored central market, where you’ll find different types of food, from cheese to salami, from focaccia to bread and more traditional Florentine food. The traditional wine shops, tripe sellers and cheap taverns, which offer wine and pasta, will allow everyone to taste the traditional Florentine cuisine while you’ll enjoy the view of the most lovely and picturesque squares of the city.

Florentine artisans

They call it “the other Florence”, the popular one, the traditional one. It’s the city characterized by dust gently leaning in the artisan shops, the one that unleashes creativity and colors, quality and uniqueness. Florence is renowned for its amazing traditional and artistic handicrafts, where innovation and local tradition blend to give life to precious handmade objects of different materials: from crystal to gold, from silver to pottery, from wood to leather. On the streets of Florence, framers, gilders, restorers populate quaint shops full of unique and unrepeatable products. Every business has a secular experience, passed down for generations: to this day, in Florence, raw materials are worked by hand with the same skill of the ancient predecessors. Entering the small shops and workshops means going back in time.

Vanity from the Renaissance

With the support of our expert guides, enjoy a visit to the magical Officina del Profumo Farmaceutica in Santa Maria Novella (1612), one of the most ancient pharmacies in the world, founded by Dominican monks in the early Thirteenth century. Visit then the Olfattorio, a “cafe parfum” able to offer a unique experience of “perfume tasting”. Discover the vanity of Renaissance through unique antiquarian collections. Finish the tour at the Museo degli Argenti in Palazzo Pitt, where you can admire ancient containers of perfume directly from the Medici collection.

This experiential travel is recommended during the Spring, but it can be applied throughout the year. This experience can be fully customized on request.


Cultural / Historical sites / Typical food and wine / Wine tasting / Local crafts


Wine, food, crafts, leisure and relax


Leisure - Gastronomic culture - Local markets and crafts - Accommodation in a luxury villa

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