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In a future not too near, do you imagine your kinds being astronauts, bankers, lawyers? In the meanwhile, let them just be kids and imitate adults, let them pretend to be pastry chefs, golfers or tennis players while you enjoy your peaceful holiday in a luxury villa. It will be a learning experience for them - they will be entrusted to a highly skilled staff - and an unforgettable relaxing holiday for you. WeVillas has created for you an “experiential vacation” for your children, able to involve them physically and emotionally with funny activities that will be, at the same time, useful to develop manual, intellectual and social skills. It will be an experience for you too - you’ll see your children cook, bake cakes, maneuver a golf club or a tennis racket. And don’t worry: you’ll have the chance to cook with an Italian chef, a specialist in local and healthy cuisine. And eventually, a good Italian gelato will be served to everyone!

Spotlight on:

  • Little pastry chefs grow 1
  • Budding golfers
  • Emerging tennis players
  • Little pastry chefs grow 2
  • Chefs in the villa
  • The gelato factory

The experience, in a few words

This stay can accommodate up to 12 people in the beautiful Villa Ibisco.

(Day 1) Little pastry chefs grow 1 - with a pastry chef in a real pastry lab - 1/2 day

(Day 2): Little pastry chefs grow 2 - cook at the villa and become a master pastry chef - 3 hours

(Day 4): Chefs in the villa - this time the parents will test their skills and will be students to an experienced cook -3 hours

(Day 5): The gelato factory - for adults and kids, all together discovering how gelato is made and eat as much ice cream as you can - 1/2 day


Budding golfers - week course taught by golf professionals, expert in teaching children - Duration: one week

Emerging tennis players - week course taught by professionals, expert in teaching children - Duration: one week

Detailed description

The experience revolves around children but, at the same time, able to make adults relax while observing their kids having fun cooking and playing sports, with the support of a high-level, expert staff. Everything becomes a unique experience with WeVillas.

Little pastry chefs grow 1

You’ll have the chance to leave your kids with one of the most famous pastry maitres in Florence: she will make sure that your kids discover the amazing world of sweets and pastry while they enjoy a cooking experience. The cooking class will take place in a real pastry shop and, obviously, your children will bring their creations home.

Little pastry chefs grow 2

Special day at the villa: your kids will become pastry chefs and wear the peculiar, unique hat! They will have the chance to cook tasty cookies with Elisa, a fantastic chef who will guide and help your children work with molds and decorations. When the cookies will be ready, they’ll become a nice snack for the whole family!

Chefs in the villa

This time it’s your turn! Your teacher is a professional cook, expert in traditional Italian/local/healthy/seasonal and regional cuisine. With you parents, our chef will cook a special regional menu and will teach you all the secrets of Italian cuisine. He will bake tasty homemade bread and serve guests delicious dishes prepared during the lesson. The fragrant aroma of freshly prepared food will pervade the villa.

The gelato factory

For the whole family! Enjoy a gelato tour! Discover the secrets of Italian gelato by visiting a handicraft factory and pick your favorite flavors.

This experience is recommended for travels at any time of the year. Its sections can be further customized on request.


Sports/Cooking lessons/Guided tours


Sweets, Food, Sport, Leisure and Relax


For kids: Sports - Leisure - Gastronomic culture

For grown-ups: Culinary culture - Accommodation in a luxury villa

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