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In its deepest meaning, the word “Yoga” means “union” between the multiple aspects of our being: physical, psychological, spiritual. Yoga also means looking for a place and time of pure authenticity, unmediated by the constant coming and going of our patterns, habits and fears.

At the same time, the communion between body, breath and mind also becomes the instrument to rediscover ourselves in so many other possibilities, in other visions of who we are and what the world around us is, in the sensations we feel in the instant that we call Life. Then our body begins to move differently, in terms of rhythm, awareness, he manages to stop in order to catch a glimpse of an unknown self. This is the “physical” aspect of Yoga, made of dissolutions, stretching, intense moments lived with care and sensitivity. The different circulations of the body intensify, they dissolve the knots of tension. Our breath begins to chance, to have a different structure, to connect to different moods. The connection between mind and breath, an essential part of Yoga, becomes clear.

The breath calms down and the mind follows, dissolving our usual stressful movements. The meditation begins: the body rests deeply, while you learn to observe your mind. You soon realize that those frantic movements are not who we really are, and that we can explore them from a different point of view, with a brand new sense of freedom.

During a 1,5 hour-long Yoga session all those aspects will be taken in consideration, always taking care of the client’s exclusive needs even in terms of therapeutic purposes in cases of anxiety and back pain. The duration of the Yoga session is not exhaustive and can be expanded to a half day or a full day, becoming even more profound and intense.

We recommend three session during a week’s holiday. Our goal is your complete relaxation and wellbeing.

These are the packages available for you:

  • 1 day for 5/8 people: Yoga and Meditation session. Alternatively, ½ day
  • 1 day for 2/4 people: Yoga and Meditation personalized session. Alternatively, ½ day
  • Customized private lessons, 1 hour, for one or more persons

This package is recommended for holidays during summer, spring and autumn, although it can be suitable throughout the year. Its sections can be further customized upon the client's request.




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