Villas in Varenna

On the shores of Lake Como, opposite the town of Bellagio, which is connected by ferry, lies the charming town of Varenna, where time seems to stand still. Every year millions of tourists go there to spend one or more weeks of vacation, some of which in the wonderful luxury villas proposed by WeVillas. The itinerary for a visitor to Varenna can start from the center of the village, where there is the Church of St. George, a structure characterized by a basilica with three naves, dating from the fourteenth century. Inside are jealously guarded the works dating from the fifteenth and the sixteenth century, depicting the deposition of Jesus to the cross. Another building of interest is Villa Monastero, a property located on the margins of Varenna, right on the shore of Lake Como, originally founded as a monastery and later became a noble residence. Today the villa is open as a museum and houses a conference center. An interesting excursion is to the nearby village of Fiumelatte, named for the white foam of the seasonal stream that flows from a cave only in the spring, and after a short path is thrown into the Lake Como. Here you will find quaint streets and terraces resting on the mountain and tropical and Mediterranean gardens. A few steps from Villa Monastero, there is Villa Cipressi, a set of buildings built in 500, characterized by the presence of centuries-old gardens and terraces on the shores of the lake. The village of Varenna is ideal for those who are looking for a holiday of solitude and relaxation, perhaps immersed in one of the beautiful gardens of the villas with pool for rent in WeVillas.

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