A 500 thousand euros Italian Panettone!

December 4, 2017

A Made in Italy “panettone”, the most classical and traditional Christmas dessert in Italy, has been packaged in a workshop in Carmagnola, Turin, by artisan Dario Hartvig. The panettone weighs 5 kilograms, is covered with a 22-carat gold leaf and rests on a tiara made of gold and diamonds.

This extremely precious dessert is the result of the work of artisan Hartvig and will be given to a multi-millionaire oligarch and is the result of a year of intense work.

According to various sources, this panettone is now the most precious sweet in the world. Ordered by an Indian entrepreneur who has decided to spend a huge amount of money on his niece’s wedding, is the result of the bride’s love for Italy, the country where she studied for quite a long time.

In order to create a panettone which included real gold, the artisan has cooperated with the brand Crieri, a goldsmith company located in Valenza Po and whose experts have worked side by side with Hartvig for an entire year. The same team had already created another precious panettone, this time destined to Russia and whose base was made of diamond bracelets.

A tiny less precious version of Hartvig’s panettone costs at least 800 euros: a 1-kilogram sweet covered with a sheet of edible gold and crystals.

Buon appetito!

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