News: Lake Como and other northern Italian lakes

Aspects of luxury villas for rent on Lake Como
December 18, 2023

Luxury Experiences on Lake Como: Prestigious Villa Rentals

Lake Como, a jewel nestled in the heart of northern Italy, has long been a luxury retreat for those seeking an unforgettable experience. Among the various options, renting villas on Lake Como stands out as a tailor-made experience for those who desire to combine comfort, privacy, and scenic beauty.

Woman at one of the best spas on Lake Como
December 17, 2023

The best spas on Lake Como: a luxury retreat for well-being

Welcome to the enchanted world of the finest spas on Lake Como, a place where luxury and well-being blend in perfect harmony. Imagine strolling along the tranquil shores of this beautiful lake, surrounded by majestic mountains, and discovering an oasis of peace where time seems to stand still. Here, among the glistening waters and lush gardens, you'll find some of Italy's most exclusive spas, true gems nestled in a dreamlike landscape.

A pair of shoes in a luxury store in Como
December 16, 2023

Luxury Shopping in Como: An Introductory Guide

Welcome to the heart of luxury shopping in Como, a city that enchants not only with its beautiful lake but also with its exclusive boutiques. You are in the right place to satisfy your desire for elegance and refinement. Como, with its timeless charm, offers an astonishing range of luxury shops, each with its unique story and a carefully curated selection of high-quality products. Here, shopping is not just an activity; it is an experience, a journey through fashion, design, and luxury craftsmanship

A truffle, ready to be grated over risotto at one of the finest restaurants for a luxury dinner in Como
December 15, 2023

The best restaurants for a luxury dinner in Como

Are you looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Como? Let yourself be guided on a journey through the luxury restaurants in Como, where every dish tells a story, every flavor is a memory, and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate. Imagine sitting in an elegant dining room, with a breathtaking view of the lake, surrounded by an atmosphere that blends history, art, and modernity.

Alessandro Martire performs during an event in Como
December 14, 2023

Events in Como not to be missed

When you think of a luxury vacation, Lake Como emerges as an undisputed choice. But beyond the breathtaking views and refined experiences, there are events in Como that add that unique touch to your stay.

Villa Daniela, one of the villas represented by WeVillas on Lake Como
December 13, 2023

The best luxury villas in Como: the exclusive gems of WeVillas

There is something magically unique about luxury villas on Lake Como that never ceases to captivate. Imagine waking up in one of these historic residences, with the sunlight gently filtering through the arched windows, while the lake stretches peacefully before you.

Christmas shops and light in the city center of Como
October 23, 2022

Christmas and New Year's in Lake Como: a unique experience

Find out why Christmas celebrations in Lake Como are a magical time that you should see at least once in your lifetime.

Esterno villa sul Lago di Como
August 17, 2022

Think ahead about 2023: book now and secure the villa you want at the time you want it

Don't miss your chance for a dream vacation in 2023: find out why you should book your luxury villa in Italy well in advance!

Italy is amazing even after summer: experience it in a luxury villa, even in 2023!
July 26, 2022

Italy is amazing even after summer: experience it in a luxury villa, even in 2023!

Italy has a climate like no other country in the world: this is why it is perfect for a luxury holiday even after the summer. And don't forget to book your dates for 2023, too!

A summer overlooking the lake: experience the beauties of Lake Como with WeVillas
May 19, 2022

A summer overlooking the lake: experience the beauties of Lake Como with WeVillas

Quiet and peaceful locations, where you can find the peace and serenity that only a villa overlooking the lake can offer and enjoy all the beauty of Lake Como directly from your window.

WeVillas: to start the year in total relaxation
January 17, 2022

WeVillas: to start the year in total relaxation

The new year has just begun, but it's already time to think about relax! What better way to start 2022 than by booking a relaxing stay in a luxurious location surrounded by greenery? Here there are some of our proposals to guarantee you a luxury stay without losing the magic contact with nature.

December 18, 2020


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