A festive day for WeVillas

January 10, 2024

A special day at the Museo Barca Lariana to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Giovanna and Daniel

On October 21, 2023, the Museo Barca Lariana was the stage for an extraordinary event when Giovanna Faverio, Chief Executive Officer of WeVillas and owner of VillasBuy, and her husband Daniel Goodland celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, it was also the sixtieth birthday of Daniel on the same date. This memorable day was celebrated in an extraordinary setting overlooking the beautiful Lake Como and brought together friends and family from all over the world.

The event was not only an occasion for celebration but also a demonstration of great solidarity. Giovanna and Daniel chose to donate the entire proceeds of the event to the Nuccia Invernizzi / New Pamo Onlus Association, an organization active for over 20 years in Zambia (Africa) with solidarity projects aimed at women and children.

In particular, the funds raised contributed to the purchase of land for the Luanshya Family House project, promoting microcredit and economic independence for project participants.

During the event, guests were gifted with special favors: organic extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki olive groves - a prized variety cultivated in the Messinia region of Greece - and a fabric heart created by the Nuccia Invernizzi / New Pamo Onlus Association.

The day was characterized by an informal and convivial atmosphere, where about 140 guests shared moments of joy and happiness.

Additionally, there was an opportunity for a guided tour of the Museo Barca Lariana, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the history and culture of vintage boats. Daniel, a native of the United Kingdom, brought an international dimension to the event, welcoming guests from around the world and creating an atmosphere of global celebration.

The wedding anniversary and Daniel's birthday were an extraordinary opportunity to unite people in a moment of joy and solidarity, demonstrating that love can be celebrated in unique and meaningful ways.

Nuccia Invernizzi Foundation and New Pamo Onlus

The Nuccia Invernizzi Foundation, active in Switzerland, and New Pamo Onlus, based in Italy, are now working together for a common goal: to help the population of developing countries, especially children in Zambia.

The flagship project of the New Pamo Onlus Association and the Nuccia Invernizzi Foundation is the Luanshya Family House. Over time, thanks to the commitment of New Pamo Onlus and the Nuccia Invernizzi Foundation, additional facilities have been built within the walls, including a nursery and a school.

For further information about the Nuccia Invernizzi / New Pamo Onlus Association, please visit this link

Museo Barca Lariana

The Museo Barca Lariana, located in Pianello del Lario (CO) in a historic nineteenth-century spinning mill, houses a unique world heritage with over 400 historical boats, including rowing boats, gondolas, fishing boats, hunting boats, smuggling boats, pleasure motorboats, racing boats, sailboats, and ancient work barges.

This museum not only tells the story of Lake Como's boating history but also embraces the entire history of Italy, from Roman times to the present day. Through the stories and lives connected to these boats, the museum strives to keep alive the memory of an extraordinary Italy that should not be forgotten.

For further information about the Museo Barca Lariana, please visit this link

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