Welcome to Naples, iOS! Apple prepares to open Italian Academy

October 10, 2016

The Silicon Valley goes to Italy, and precisely to Naples: in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, the first ever iOS app development center opens.

Apple will be located in one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Naples Federico II – first opened in 1225. The structure will organize a nine-month long free course by Apple: taught in English, the lessons will give the 200 students the "practical skills and training" to create their own iOS apps.

The Italian genius seems much appreciated by one of the most technologic and vital companies in the world: 4000 individuals from all over the globe have already applied for the course in only 11 days. The project, in which Apple has declared to be “very, very involved”, will definitely have an iOS “twist”, thanks to large, open-plan classrooms, and micromanaging details right down to the lighting and the color of the walls.

What is particularly interesting in the iOS “Italian Academy” is that each student will be given a free iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. Team working will be a must and a “fundamental part of the class”. Even though many people from abroad applied, the classes will mainly be composed by southern Italians.

The project is the result of a recent meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi. The Italian government has applauded the collaboration, considering it a sign of Apple’s continuing interest and investment in the south of the country.

Leopoldo Angrisani, one of the university professors who have helped organizing the academy with Apple, declares: “Apple thinks that all of these activities, learning and rest and so on, have to stay very close to each other, because this is the best way to ensure that the concepts are absorbed and understood very well. An investment in technology in the south is a good idea because it is relatively inexpensive. If you set this up in central London the costs would be five or six times what they are here – not to mention the benefits of life in Naples”.

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