At Salice Blu Restaurant in Bellagio bloom the flavors of Luigi Gandola

June 4, 2013

Despite his young age, the chef Luigi Gandola has already made known throughout Italy for his participation in the television program La Prova del Cuoco. And it is thanks to his extraordinary culinary skills that Salice Blu restaurant in Bellagio has changed its approach to the kitchen improving it, making it more refined, but always retaining its authenticity.

Born in 1983, the chef Luigi Gandola has worked at the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este in Cernobbio since 1998. Here he had the opportunity to hone the arts of cooking for seven years, before starting to manage the family restaurant with his parents Flora and Mino, the Salice Blu in Bellagio Via Lecco 33.

Gandola has participated in numerous Italian and international competitions winning several medals and awards, including one for Best Chef of Lombardy in 2005. Thanks to his contribution and a complete and accurate renovation, the Salice Blu has turned into an elegant and refined place where the chef serves his culinary innovations using local products and beyond. He is great with desserts, real works of art that stimulate all the senses.

Inside the restaurant the atmosphere is elegant, warm and welcoming. In addition to a fine selection of plates with local ingredients, the kitchen offers a large selection of gluten-free dishes to fulfill the needs of celiacs. There is no better place for a meal with friends or family when you are near Bellagio.

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Photo by Marco Varoli

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