Best spas in Como Lake for your relaxing moments

January 4, 2013

If you are looking for a spa or a wellness center, there are not many places on Como Lake that can offer these facilities, apart from some large luxury hotels. We can suggest you two beautiful places where you may enjoy beauty treatments and massages: La Dolce Acqua Wellness Center and the Well Being Center of Ca' del Lago Farm House.

La Dolce Acqua

La Dolce Acqua Wellness Center is located in an elegant structure of three levels, situated in the center of Tremezzina, at Lenno, on the western side of Como Lake. This complex is a wonderful expression of elegant bio-architecture, entirely covered with planks of exotic wood, surrounded by plants and water; these aspects together contribute to make this a delightful place to relax and enjoy the nature.

At the first level, you can find the spa and a wellness program structured into 14 stages, which will take you about 2 hours. It's all based upon the contrast between hot and cold, enlivened by aroma and light therapies. Modern areas and stone mosaics welcome and accompany guests in their unique experience.

At the second level, the Beauty Area offers spa treatments of various kinds: from the most holistic Chakra and Tibet, to the more exotic bamboo and chocolate massages. You can find also two special pools, "Armanda", a vigorous whirlpool under a starry sky, and "Cloud", an innovative system to gently float in warmth, music and colors.

Saunas and steam baths, chrome and aroma therapy, Jacuzzi and heated outdoor pools are some of the elements that will give you peace in body and spirit. As if that was not enough, on the roof of the second floor, there are a solarium and a whirlpool, with a breathtaking view of Como Lake. One more reason to go there!

How to reach La Dolce Acqua:

  • From Milan (A9), take the junction Como nord, at the roudabout turn left towards.
  • From Lugano, follow the signs for St. Moritz/Gandria, pass the border and take the road to Menaggio and then to Lenno.
  • From Sondrio/Chiavenna, follow s.s.340 to Lenno.

Wellness Center of Ca' del Lago Farm House

The Wellness Center at Ca' del Lago Farm House is located in Consiglio di Rumo (Co), on the north western side of Como Lake. It presents sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool, and Ayurvedic, relax, Hot Stone and Holistic massage rooms. It represents a true paradise to relax your body and spirit!

In this wellness center, you can find different kind of massages, which are:

  • Holistic Massage (50 minutes): Western massage technique performed using the gentle manipulation of muscles to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and muscle tension and favor the elimination of metabolic waste products.
  • Relaxing Massage (50 minutes): It relieves muscle tension and regenerates, leaving the body in a state of harmony and balance. Useful as therapy against stress and sleep disorders.
  • Personalized Aromatic Massage (50 minutes): Preceded by a natural peeling, the aromatic hot oil massage uses the power of essential oils together with the skill of the hands.
  • Cervical Massage (30 minutes): Particularly indicated for those with sedentary lifestyles and forced postures, it relieves muscle tension at the neck, shoulders and cervical vertebrae. Useful in cases of hemicrania and cephalea in general.
  • Plantar reflexology (30 minutes): The feet reflect the internal organs. Using digitopressure, organs, muscles and joints are stimulated. Useful in case of inflammation where local treatment is contraindicated, but also in case of constipation, water retention, allergies and insomnia.

You can also take different kinds of Ayurvedic massages: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha, because Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine separates the different types of people into Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha, and each has its own specific massage.

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