Byzantine New Year 2014 in Amalfi: program and dates

July 29, 2014

The dates and the program of the Byzantine New Year 2014 in Amalfi have been announced. This historic-cultural event takes place since 1997, with fascinating folklore shows, meetings and conventions; every time it brings the beautiful coastal town back to 1000 years ago, when it was one of the most powerful and feared maritime republics of the Mediterranean.

The Byzantine New Year recalls the beginning of the legal and fiscal year in all the countries that were subjected to the Byzantine Emperor. This year began on September 1st, the day on which the Republic of Amalfi elected their "comites", who ruled over its territory together with the prefects.

The highlight of the celebration is the ceremony of investiture, with the historical parade in period costumes. It goes from Atrani to Amalfi, just as it used to be back then, departing from the chapel of San Salvatore de' Birecto's church. This magnificent procession ends at the cathedral square, where the new Duke of Amalfi and Grand Master of the Law gives his first speech to the crowd.

During the celebration of the Byzantine New Year, there are also other fascinating events taking place in Amalfi, such as the medieval games of the "Fight", in which two people competes with sticks while being placed on a floating platform, and the "Palio", which includes races over both water and land involving the districts of the town. There are, in addition, demonstrations of swim skills and the classic challenges of archery and tug of war.

The 2014 edition also includes the usual study day of the Amalfi Middle Ages, held on August 31st inside the Arsenal of the Republic.
Here is the detailed program of the Byzantine New Year 2014 in Amalfi:

Sunday, August 31, 2014
6:00pm: Conference of studies devoted to medieval Amalfi. Amalfi, Arsenal of the Republic.
9:30pm: Ceremony of the "Premio Atrani", given to the "Magister Coast of Civilization". Atrani, Terrace of St. Mary Magdalene.

Monday, September 1, 2014
6:30pm: Official investiture of the "Magister Coast of Civilization". Atrani, atrium of the S. Salvatore de’ Birecto’s church.
7:00pm: Historic procession of the Byzantine New Year from Atrani to Amalfi; at the end of it, the Magister is presented on the Cathedral of Amalfi’s churchyard.
9:30pm: Closing ceremony of the Byzantine New Year with games, challenges and competitions. Amalfi, Cathe

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