Capri: a boat tour of the island, between caves and Faraglioni

May 14, 2013

To completely enjoy the beauty of Capri, you cannot give up a full tour of the island by boat, to see close all its caves and live a unique experience that only the marine atmosphere is able to give.

Every day several organized tours leave from Marina Grande to bring tourists around the island of Capri. They take just few hours and have rates varying from 12 to 20 euros. This is the best solution for those who come to visit Capri for just one day, but if you have more time you can also rent a boat with or without skipper who can act as a guide. Deciding to extend the tour for the whole day, you can opt for a lunch on board or to take a break in one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea.

The typical navigation route of Capri starts from Marina Grande and continue westwards. The first stop is the beach of Bagni di Tiberio, former residence of the Roman emperor, situated not far from the famous Grotta Azzurra. Proceeding slowly sailing towards the west you can see the bays of Rio and Limmo, until you see the distant profile of the lighthouse which dominates Punta Carena. This is the ideal spot for a dip in the crystal clear sea of Capri.

Then begins a stretch of coast, that is particularly rich in natural caves and cavities, including the Grotta Rossa and Grotta Verde. Once you reach the beach of Marina Piccola, the Grotta dell'Arsenale and the Faraglioni of Capri begin to glimpse. On the eastern side of the island, it is advisable to make a short stop to visit the Grotta Bianca and climb the stairway of rock that leads to Grotta Meravigliosa. After passing Punta del Capo, it is the time to return to Marina Grande.

You cannot claim to know Capri, if you do not visit it at least once from the sea with a distinctive boat ride.

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