ch2, the communication agency for cultural events

March 12, 2013

There are many activities that use communication agencies to present the best and explain to potential customers why they should come to them rather than a competitor. In many situations, the fundamental aspect is to be known and be talked about. Cultural events are no less so, but fortunately they can take advantage of the support of the communication agency ch2.

The communication agency ch2 was founded in Milan in 2009 by Chiara Chiapparoli and Veronica Iunich; its mission is the design and organization of cultural events, workshops and conferences related to the multiple languages of contemporary culture. It doesn't neglect even sustainability and positioning strategies.

ch2 also carries out media relations, differentiated according to the different types of media (print, radio, web, tv, web tv channels and social networks). If you need to roll out a press release, create a press kit or arrange a preview or a private viewing, you should contact ch2 without delay. Among other activities, they deal with the construction of press releases and the organization of press trips and press conferences of presentation.

ch2 website

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