China loves Italian food: its export is worth 448 million euros

April 9, 2018

The export of Italian food to China is flying, with an increase of about 15% in 2017 alone and a value of 448 million euros, according to what recently stated by Coldiretti. The very positive numbers are the result of a survey conducted the ISTAT on the occasion of the Chinese super-duties against 128 goods from USA - in response to the protectionist move decided by President Trump.

According to Coldiretti, the tension between the two super-powers of the world might end up affecting positively the Italian export to China, especially when it comes to high-class products such as extra-virgin olive oil (a value of 35 million euros and a growth in export of 25%), wine, cheese (increased by 27% for 16 million euros of value) and pasta (risen by 14% for a value of about 23 million euros).

With specific regard to the US products affected by the increase of duties, and which include pork, wine and fruits, Coldiretti recalls that only in 2016 China removed its ban on Italian pork while, in terms of fruits, the Belpaese can only export kiwis and citrus – at least for now.

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