Cycling in Italy? Here’s the top 3 routes you don’t want to miss

August 28, 2017

You love cycling and would like to spend some time touring Italy on your bicycle? The heterogeneous beauty of the country is notorious, and that is why hundreds of thousands of tourists choose Italy every year for their vacations, but what are the most appreciated cycling routes in the Belpaese?

Here’s a list of the top 3 itineraries you really don’t want to miss if you’re a bike lover and a two-wheel purist.

  1. Sardinia: ideal for your autumn training if you’re looking for a medium challenge level, the region’s quiet coastal roads are perfect for your bike especially in the south east of the island. Not only you will have the chance to train, but you’ll do it while admiring the spectacle of breathtaking white sand beaches. Stomp the pedals through the mountainous heart of the Barbagia territory and breathe in the imposing sight of Monte Albo: you will love Sardinia’s itineraries.
  2. Tuscany: your best choice for a medium level training with some indulging and relaxed factors. As everybody knows, Tuscany is basically the posterboy of cycling in Italy because of its spectacular green hills and luscious rolling lands, picturesque hilltop villages and amazing offer in terms of food and wine. The famous Giro d’Italia, of course, swarms right through this region and past the vineyards of Chianti, Pistoia and Grosseto. That is why the territory should be your itinerary of choice if you are planning not only to stay on your bike pedaling, but also relaxing, eating and drinking some of the best products on the world.
  3. Dolomites: only serious climbers can – and probably will – face this hard-level challenge in terms of biking. Despite the extremely tiring itinerary, the Dolomites will rewards the “brave ones” with their achingly beautiful panoramas and sceneries made of jagged rocks and blue skies. There are a lot of bicycle routes that you can try and face while in the area: from Passo Sella to Passo delle Erbe, from Passa Fedaia to the famous Maratona dles Dolomites which, every year in July, features about 9000 riders in tackling the region’s greatest climbs.

Are you ready? What would be the itinerary perfect for you?

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