Due Sorelle bay in the Conero area, Le Marche: meet the untouchable beach

May 13, 2015

The beautiful Due Sorelle bay in Sirolo, province of Ancona, Le Marche, surely hosts one of the most breathtaking beaches in Italy.

The name of “Due Sorelle” (two sisters) is inspirational: two huge rocks emerging from the sea, lapped by the blue water, their backs to the white sand, looking like praying nuns not far away from the nearby Mount Conero.

The name Conero comes from the greek “Komaròs”, and indicates the strawberry tree commonly growing on the slopes of the mountain. The Mount, 572 meters high, is the only coastal high point on the Adriatic sea between Trieste and the Gargano, in the region of Apulia.

Visitors and tourists cannot simply go to the Due Sorelle bay: they have to be taken there for a daily trip by boat which will last a few hours at the most. The area is, in fact, completely protected and only relatively subjected to human presence. That is why the Due Sorelle is called the “untouchable” beach: not a stone can be taken from the bay, and everything has to be left just the way it was found, as if visitors were never there.

This picturesque bay, surely one of the gems of the Mediterranean, is covered in pebbles and sand and is the first white shore located south of Monte Conero. Whoever loves a wild vacation will find this place to be absolutely breathtaking, thanks to its unspoiled appearance and the complete absence of service whatsoever: just Mother Nature, nothing else, and yet so much to see.

Not too far from the Due Sorelle bay there’s also Sassi Neri (black rocks) Beach, a small bay nestle amongst the rocks at the foot of Mount Conero. The most amazing characteristic of the place is the water: it changes its color from an intense blue to light blue, thanks to depths holding a unmeasurable natural value. Just as the Due Sorelle, Sassi Neri beach can only be reached by small boats.

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