Expo 2015: the opening ceremony and inauguration

January 13, 2015

The adventure of Expo 2015 will begin on May 1st 2015: the largest world exposition is going to be held in Milan for several months and it will attract visitors from all over the nation and Europe. The entire event will be dedicated to the theme of nutrition, both for humans and for the planet, and everything inside the halls will be inspired by it.

There are great expectations for the beginning of the exposure, after the problems that arose and the hard work that was necessary to set up the exhibition.

Like any other big event, the Expo 2015 will be preceded by an opening ceremony, with the presence of the highest offices of State and representatives of international institutions. The opening ceremony of the World Expo will be held at 12:00 pm, but it will be only a foretaste of what will occur in the evening. During the night, in fact, there will be some kind of parade, going from the city center to the place where a special concert will take place: the one of the bells of the Cathedral of Milan and of all the churches of the Ambrosiana Archdiocese.

The day before the inauguration, other important events will be held, with the participation of distinguished guests. In particular, there will be the intervention of Giorgio Armani, who has agreed to become a Special Ambassador for the 40 years anniversary of his fashion house. The stylist will celebrate the city of Milan and the Expo with a big fashion show in the afternoon, telling the story of the Maison itself. Andrea Bocelli has instead been appointed as an Extraordinary Ambassador of Expo 2015 and he will be featured in the main show starting at 9:00 pm: many international guests will join and this show will be broadcasted live on Rai Uno and worldwide.

In addition to Armani and Bocelli, they were announced the names of three other Ambassadors of the event: the Juventus and Italy team gooalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, the actress Martina Colombari and the actor and comedian Claudio Bisio; the latter has also agreed to give his voice to the mascot Foody, the star of the Disney cartoon that will explain to children the theme and meaning of Expo 2015.

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