Six billion euros: the export of Italian wine reaches its record in 2017

January 2, 2018

The export of Italian wine has reached its absolute record in 2017, for a total of 6 billions euros. It is an historic increment of 7%, according to a recent statement by Coldiretti. The rise of Italian wine export occurred despite the meager grape harvest and the 26% drop in bottles produced compared to 2016 and that, in itself, sets the record even higher.

Essentially, this unimaginable increment was mainly due to Russia, where, according to Coldiretti, wine is “one of the few agricultural and food products not affected by the embargo”. Other countries also contributed to the success of Italian wine in the world: China (25%), Britain (8%), United States (6%) and Germany (3%).

It’s essential to remember that, no matter the drop in production, Italy currently is still the number one of wine producer in the world with its impressive 40 millions of hectoliters.

The record registered in 2017 is especially important because, as already stated, last year’s harvest was definitely not the best. In fact, the farmers’ association points out that it was among “the most precocious and the scantiest” since World War II.

Why did it happen? Essentially, because temperatures hroughout the country rose 3.2 degrees Celsius above the national average last summer, while rainfall dropped by 55 percent in June compared to the average in previous years, according to the farm ministry.

Well done, Italy!

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