Fiordo di Furore, a piece of paradise on the Amalfi Coast

August 13, 2014

Furore is a typical town on the Amalfi Coast, particularly known for its fjord. The latter consists of a striking recess of the sea, located on the way out of an overhanging valley. This deep cleft in the rock was originally formed by a usually dry stream, the Schiato, which swoops down from the edge of the plateau of Agerola. This location was anciently called Terra Furoris, probably due to the thunderous sea during storms, wedging itself inside the crack.

The immense cliffs and the dense vegetation covering them create a Dolomites-like landscape, overlooking the small, clear bay of the Tyrrhenian coast. The lovely beach is located close to the old fishing village, which was particularly appreciated by Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani. The village is now deserted and it was indeed turned into a museum.

Inside the fjord, you can find the Stenditoio (Drying room) and the Calcara, two buildings formerly used for local productions. The first one was used to dry the sheets of paper extracted from the fibers of the fabric, while the Calcara was used for processing bricks and stones to build local houses.

The beach was formerly used as a trade landing spot: during the period of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, the goods arrived by sea on the fjord’s beach and they were then carried by shoulder to the upper village, through a long flight of steps. The latter still exists and offers an incredible panorama.

Thanks to its unique location, the area was a true natural fortress, invisible to those who came from the sea. For this reason, Furore is defined as “the district that doesn’t exist”, even nowadays. The fjord’s shore is only 25 meters wide but quite deep. This place is always breezy and the sun illuminates it only in the early hours of the afternoon.

It is not possible to reach the fjord by car, as there is no material space to park nearby. On the other hand, you can park scooters along the state highway. Alternatively, you can go to the beach using a Sita bus from Positano to Amalfi.

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