Gianni Campagna: goodbye to the tailor who made Hollywood fall in love with Italy

November 13, 2017

Gianni Campagna, one of the most famous and admired tailors in the world, has died at age 74. The Italian professional was born in 1943 Roccalumera, near Taormina, in Sicily, from a family of farmers.

Despite his humble origins, mister Campagna was able not only to let his talent flourish, but also to reach Hollywood and dress the best stars in the world, from Sharon Stone to Pierce Brosnan, but also politicians, cardinals and even popes.

Mister Campagna’s daughter, Virginia, has declared: “My father loved life, his job, his family and put energy in everything he did. My dad’s outfits, all completely handmade, have traveled all around the world and have been worn by politicians and magnates, movie stars and even popes, from Wojtyla to Bergoglio. For his entire life, my father has always defended the Made in Italy by defining it tradition, sweat, hard work, experience and good taste. These are all things that can be imitated, but the original is always unique, always unmatched”.

Gianni Campagna decided to work in Hollywood after having fallen in love with American movies as a young man. He moved to Milan in 1962 and started working for fashion designer Domenico Saraceni. In 1999, he became owner of one of the most important ateliers in the Italian city.

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