Golden oil: the new luxury from Italy

October 16, 2017

Gold flakes immersed in pure extra virgin Italian olive oil: this is the last frontier of luxury coming from one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The result is called Auleum, the golden oil resulting from carefully selected oil from taggiasche olives, poured into a diamond-shaped ampoule enclosed by a hand-painted majolica cap.

Auleum can be considered as a pure concentrate of Italian craftsmanship and is already conquering many markets abroad: from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia, from New Zealand from Russia, to Hong Kong. This luxurious oil is the result of Mega3, a company from Savona, and was produced in the limited number of 88 specimens. The bottles are all numbered and they contain the precious essence created by the encounter by a crushing plant in Nasino (Savona), Tullio Mazzotti, Maestro of the famous Ceramiche di Albisola, and one of the oldest companies specialized in edible golden flakes, the Manetti Bartiloro from Fiesole.

According to Rosella Scalone of Mega3: “Extra virgin oil from Liguria is one of the Italian products of highest quality. Auleum is offered in an innovative way, with a touch table that recognizes the product leaning on its surface, providing digital information about the entrepreneurial idea, Italian context and marketing strategy laying behind the product”.

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