Gorgonzola, I love you: the Italian cheese is worth 720 million euros

January 22, 2018

Gorgonzola cheese is, apparently, much loved all over the world, since it still occupies – in its DOP version – the third place in the ranking of Italian cheeses.

According to the latest reports, the production of gorgonzola DOP cheese continued to grow in 2017, marking an increase of over 3% with more than 4,7 millions of shapes produced. The consumer business volume of this incredibly tasty cheese reaches about 720 million euros.

In 2017, the production of gorgonzola DOP concentrated mainly in six provinces in Piedmont, with over 3 millions of shapes produced. In particular, the ever-growing love for Gorgonzola Piccante is shown by the fact that 11% of the entire production is focused on this specific recipe, while the organic version of the cheese is still a “niche” to be explored (0.95% of the total production).

Renato Invernizzi, president of the Gorgonzola Consortium, comments: “We are very happy that one year’s work is recognized by consumers all over the world. They show an increasing appreciation for this cheese. This is the best demonstration that investing in tradition and quality through a strict system of supervision and protection, is the way to bring onto the market a product that does not fear comparisons or imitations”.

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