Fight the hangover in the Italian way: three traditional remedies

January 2, 2017

Have you ever suffered from hangover? The term refers to the experience of several – and all unpleasant physiological effect following the consumption of alcohol. A hangover can last for several hours and its typical symptoms include massive headache, concentration problems, drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue.

According to the Italians, there are at least three traditional methods that work just fine and will put you back on track before you even know it, making hangover magically disappear. The point is: do they really work? The only thing we can suggest is for you to try them, if you need them and while you are exploring the country!

Spaghetti aglio, olio e pepperoncino: a classic, very simple and yet delicious recipe of the Italian tradition could be a great cure for hangover. A dish of spaghetti, oil, garlic and chili pepper can work wonders, according to the Italian tradition. If you are victim of the after-effects of a heavy night drinking, this comfort food could make your body and spirit feel much better. It could actually work because carbs can help to counteract nausea and restore the correct blood sugar levels, while the chili will kickstart your metabolism.

Espresso coffee: not American coffee but typical Italian coffee can work its magic and make your hangover fade away in minutes. Italian coffee, also known as espresso, is well-known for being very strong and works very well to restore your energy thanks to its high levels of caffeine. Also, coffee might help headache disappear. Just remember not to overdo and drink plenty of water: with hangover always comes dehydration.

Fernet Branca: fighting alcohol after-effects with an alcoholic drink? Yes, according to the Italian tradition. Fernet Branca is an Italian bitter (amaro) known for its secret recipe and inborn ability to fight hangovers. We know for sure that it is made with 27 different herbs and spices, including aloe, rhubarb and galangal: it will make your insides calm down and leave you extremely revitalized. Bonus point: you can drink your Fernet directly adding a dash of it to your espresso, giving birth to the so-called “caffè corretto”. It might become your best friend after a long night spent partying!

By the way, happy new year everyone!

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