Impress your guests with a theme party of Pepper Diva

January 25, 2013

Theme parties have been taking place for several years, not only for birthdays and celebrations of children, but also for special corporate events that companies wish their customers would remember. An established reality in Italy in this field is Pepper Diva, a line entirely dedicated to theme parties, custom designed by Ornella D'Angelo.

Pepper Diva was born with the idea to pay attention to theme parties for children, that it offers colorful, cheerful and funny solution for. By the time, the line Pepper Diva proved so versatile that started also to affect other age groups and customers, thanks to its elegant and original ideas.

If you are among those who prefer to spend their time on the reception and entertainment of their guests, you will need to choose a theme and the staff of Pepper Diva will take care of everything else, frome the menu to the complete preparation. If you want to take care personally of the "accomodation", you'll get a take away menu and a preparation kit.

Pepper Diva goes beyond the simple catering, thanks to its unique and always different preparations, and guarantees the maximum authenticity and quality of food offered. If you are organizing a corporate event to highlight the importance of your brand, there is nothing better than Pepper Diva, that, thanks to its performance with the food and the wonderful preparations of each buffet, will be able to make it the protagonist of every situation.

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