Information and program of the Flower Festival in Noto

March 15, 2013

Every year, on the third Sunday of May, the city of Noto in Sicily is covered with flowers for what is called the highlight event of baroque spring, the Flower Festival of Noto (Infiorata di Noto). Today the event is considered one of the most beautiful in the region.

A mosaic of flowers, colors and scents leave tourists and residents of Noto breathless, when they decide to take a walk in Via Corrado Nicolaci, the road along which the floral display is laid on the third Sunday in May. Here the Church of Montevergini is opposed to Prince's Palace Nicolaci "Golden Villa", whose balconies were defined among the most beautiful in Italy. Along the way will be prepared a lively floral carpet, made by talented artists, each year offering different designs and compositions inspired by mythological, religious and popular culture.

Take advantage of the event to attend the numerous cultural events, such as concerts and dramatic performances, in addition to the famous historical procession, or visit the many Baroque monuments in the city.

The event began twentysix years ago by the meeting of a group of artists and flower preparators from Genzano and Noto; and it is precisely in the town of Genzano, near Rome, that this new technique has developed.

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