For the International Women’s Day, all museums in Italy will be free for women

March 6, 2017

Italy is giving all women free entry to all its museums to properly celebrate the International Women’s Day, which will be held on March 8th, like every year.

According to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the occasion is perfect to “celebrate the feminine world” in the classic, artistic, Italian way: by highlighting the beautiful works of art realized by and for women in the amazing Italian collections, literally spread throughout the entire country.

That’s the reason why the free entry for women will involve so many museums in Italy, in addition to many special events, meetings, talks and exhibitions that will all take place next Wednesday. Some of them will be focused on specific regions, times or authors will other will look at the general representation of women in art.

The initiative has been launched by hashtag #8marzoalmuseo (#march8thatthemuseum) and, on the Instagram profile of Italy’s museums, a different “woman in art” is depicted every day with plenty of information about the work: the International Women’s Day, in Italy, will be celebrated in perfect Italian style, by showing galleries of images of women who have made history.

The Ministry of Culture stated, on its website: “A day of celebration from the Ministry of Heritage and Activities and Tourism will see free openings with a specific social communication campaign and a gallery of exceptional women, whose fame has crossed the centuries thanks to art and culture. The women celebrated will include saints and prostitutes, goddesses and commoners, intellectuals and artists, actresses and martyrs, writers and poets, mothers, Madonnas and revolutionaries”.

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