There’s a new supercar in Italy and is called Italdesign Zerouno

October 9, 2017

Italian supercars are so beautiful and majestic – that is why they are appreciated in every corner of the world. And that is why car-lovers will definitely fall for the latest addition to the family: the Zerouno by Italdesign, company from Piedmont which has recently released the first specimen of this new force of nature.

The car, frame number #0001, a carbon fiber and aluminum frame, was recently delivered to Steven Lismont, a Belgian entrepreneur. Zerouno is already a rare piece, if you consider that only five models will be eventually manufactured.

Italdesign Automobili Speciali was born by Giugiaro’s rib and by its synergy with the Turin designer: its Zerouno had been first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year and at the Valentino Park Salon in Turin, last June. The technical details are objectively impressive: the Zerouno boasts a powerful 5,2-liter V10 engine, with 610 horse power. It can reach the spectacular speed of 330 km/h with a 0 to 100 acceleration which takes just under 3,2 seconds. This majestic sport car, with its ultra-lightweight bodywork and a style that is essentially as seductive as the classic Italian supercars, will be a must available only for a very few, lucky ones.

The first specimen was delivered to its Belgian owner in Moncalieri, near Turin – the same place where the car had been manufactured, tested and validated to guarantee its exceptional performance. Lismont made its first driving test on the surrounding hills, for about 100 kilometers.

If you’re planning to buy one of these cars, we have to crash your dreams: all the five models available have already been allotted. The super-exclusive clientele is mostly composed by collectors from all over the world who are already ecstatic at the idea of owning one of the works of art of this superb Italian company.

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