Young Italian inventors create vegan boiled eggs

September 18, 2017

Four young Italian inventors from Udine, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, recently gave birth to vegan boiled eggs. The new food, produced entirely with ingredients of vegetable origin, has the appearance and organoleptic characteristic of the classic, animal-derived boiled egg.

The product, which was patented by the University of Udine, is presented as ready-to-eat and is suitable both for vegans/vegetarians and omnivores. It might probably represent one of the best solutions for people suffering from hypercholesterolemia or celiac disease, being gluten-free and cholesterol-free.

The inventors are four young ladies, students of the master’s degree in food sciences and food technology. Their names are Francesca Zuccolo, Arianna Roi, Aurora Gobessi and Greta Titton. They were able to realize their vegan boiled egg after a year and a half of experimentation in the laboratories of the athenaeum. According to various sources, the patented product will be marketed over the next few years and will also be presented to several potentially interested companies.

The vegan boiled egg is made of natural and vegetable ingredients, mostly proteins coming from various legumes, vegetable oils, a special salt and a gelling agent. It is refrigerated and can be eaten in salad of in combination with different sauces.

The inventors comment: “The field of interest is the food industry, especially vegan companies or companies producing functional foods. It can be sold by organic, vegetarian and vegan groceries but also in common supermarkets, giving the growing demands for this kind of products by consumers”.

According to the inventors, after “a great deal of testing” they were able to “achieve the optimum formulation in terms of consistency and taste of the finished product”.

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