Italian olive oil promoted via EXPO Milano 2015

October 12, 2015

The best olive oil in the worldItalian olive oil – is being greatly promoted by EXPO Milano 2015.

According to Ansamed, the campaign “Only Italian Olives for Expo” has the final goal to valorize the entire production chain for the most appreciated extra virgin olive oil.

The campaign was presented officially during the very successful EXPO Milano 2015 with the main objective to raise a greater awareness of Italian olive oil among customers from all over the world. Even more than that, it aims to thoroughly express the origins and history of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Only Italian Olives for Expo” is sponsored by Symbola (Fondazione per le Qualità Italiane) and UNAPROL, the Italian olive growers consortium and was firstly started two years ago, in 2013. But right in time for Expo, the campaign renewed its look with a completely renovated website and a brand new Facebook page: what better occasion than the Universal Exposition, after all, to raise even more awareness about the absolutely excellent quality of Italian olive oil, about its variety and environmental sustainability?

The campaign comes just in time: recently, a survey of European consumer buying habits showed that only 46% of consumers considered important to buy a European extra virgin olive oil.

Ermete Realacci, from Fondazione Symbola, states: ''Our agriculture, with 272 DOP and IGP products, makes Italy the top country in terms of recognized products and contributes a great deal to the attractiveness of Italian products. Having grown on the basis of quality, it is bound to do so further, focusing on the link with the area, traceability and environmental sustainability, in contrast with tampering, fraud and illegality.''

Coldiretti celebrated Italian olive oil at its own pavilion at EXPO, with a bottle-symbol designed by female students from IED – the famous Design School in Milan. The goal? To express, through an object, the concepts of tradition, territory, taste and healthful nature of one of the most famous Italian products in the world.

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