2015 Top Winemaker is Italy

November 9, 2015

A substantial difference that has put Italy on top of the list: the European Union’s farm federation said on Wednesday that the quality and yields of the harvest were excellent. In comparison, the United States had an an estimated level of production of 22.1 million hectoliters, followed by Chile, Australia and Argentina (12.5 million hectoliters).

But what are Italy’s most collectible wines?

According to the webzine WineMag, the top five in the list are:

Barolo: known as “the King of Wines, the Wine of Kings”, is named after the town of Barolo in southern Piedmont. The wine is made entirely from Nebbiolo, Italy’s most noble grape, and was first produced in mid-19th century. Barolo is a big, powerful, tannic red wine that needs to be matched with foods of similar weight. Its tannins will react with the proteins on the tongue and sides of the mouth, accentuating the bitterness and drying the palate.

Barbaresco: made entirely from Nebbiolo and similar, in fragrance and flavor, to Barolo. This wine tends to be complex and powerful, with elegant and supple tannings and a well refined structure. In top vintages, it can still age for 25 years or more from harvest.

Amarone: this wine from Valpolicella is big, bold and velvety textured - decidedly one of the favorites among Italian wine fans who are looking for pure opulence. It’s made predominantly from the Corvina grape and smaller amounts of Rondinella and other red varieties. It is a dry but rich wine, boasting flavors of dried dark fruits, chocolate, intense notes of exotic spice and round tannins.

Brunello di Montalcino: one of the world’s most age worthy wines, extraordinary in flavor and entirely made from Sangiovese grapes. It possesses firmness, a tannic structure and is usually released five years after the harvest year (six for the Riserva).

Sassicaia: comes from an Italian region called Gold Coast because of its glossy reds made from international varieties of grape - especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The wine boasts a complex bouquet, finesse and aging potential and is now one of the most coveted Italian wines at international auctions.

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