Italy seen through its iconic fashion style: the exhibition is in Milan

March 19, 2018

Milan and its Palazzo Reale will be the stage for the story of Made in Italy through its iconic fashion. The spotlight on the Italian excellence in terms of clothes will be on until May 6th.

The exhibition, called “Italiana – Italy as seen in fashion from 1971-2000”, is focused on the birth and growth of Italian creative industry and on its intersections with the identity of the whole country. From small artisan companies to worldwide famous brands, the history of Italian fashion is an enchanting mixture of culture, creativity, social change, politics and economy.

Through the analysis of thirty years punctuated by a succession of trends able to tell the spirit of their time, Italy is explored thoroughly: its desire for freedom expressed by the fringes of the Seventies, the masculinity of shoulder pads of the Eighties, the need to escape of the new millennium’s nostalgic vintage.

What makes the exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan even more peculiar is its ability to dismiss the chronology favoring a thematic line instead. Nine sections are dislocated in nine different areas, generating a kaleidoscope of styles, objects and atmosphere and an all in all exciting cross-over between fashion and social history.

" Italiana – Italy as seen in fashion from 1971-2000" is an opportunity to look back through archive pieces coming from the major fashion houses, but also to become aware of an important part of Italy’s cultural heritage by showing that fashion is, in fact, much more than mere frivolity.

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