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Italy celebrates its Pasta Day: it’s time for the new labels
12 Feb 2018

Italy celebrates its Pasta Day: it’s time for the new labels

Tomorrow, in Rome, Italy will be officially celebrating its Pasta Day. The new labels – the result of the obligation to indicate the origin of the wheat used in pasta – will be presented tomorrow during a dedicated event, following tow interministerial decrees about the indication of the obligatory origin of rice and wheat on food labels.

The event is the perfect way, for the general public and more specifically for consumers, to learn how to read the new information and be more aware when it comes to food shopping. The Pasta Day was strongly supported by the usual Coldiretti, whose interest reside in the stop of all speculation of Italian “fake” food.

Italy is, as it is well known, very strict when it comes to food quality and is therefore pushing for a greater transparence even in terms of single ingredients.

A curiosity: with its 4,3 billion pounds of durum wheat and 1,5 billion kilos of national rice, Italy sets a record in production in Europe.

The new labeling is a historic moment for the Made in Italy, not only within the country but also abroad: the “label tutor” will be a great way to help consumers everywhere to clarify their doubts about the origin of food and, therefore, make more informed purchase choices.