The appeal of Lamborghini cars in Saint Petersburg

September 11, 2017

Automotive, it is well known, is a form of art – an artistic expression in which Italians are famous. And it’s not even about speed: Italian luxurious automotive products surely boast a lot of horses, and yet they are appreciated for their lines, design, colors, shapes. Going back in time, it should not surprise to discover that, decades ago, the then-futuristic Balilla was defined as “more beautiful of the Nike of Samotracia”.

Among the several Italian automotive brands appreciated in every corner of the world, Lamborghini occupies a place of honor. Its long tradition of motorized artwork – from the Miura to the Gandini – has fascinated everyone, no matter the latitude or the geography.

Now, the tremendous work of the Italian automotive brand is officially celebrated in Russia, at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Erarta. The exhibition, called “Lamborghini. Design Legend”, is a journey in the design of the spectacular “Toro” brand from its origins to the present day. Visitors will have the chance to watch, up-close, several iconic models and paintings made by the Lamborghini Style Center.

Stefano Domenicali, president of Lamborghini Automobiles, comments: “We are really pleased to have received this invitation from the Erarta Museum. An exhibition dedicated to our design is the confirmation of the extraordinary current and revolutionary reach of Lamborghini’s stylistic language”.

Ekaterina Atoyan-Milyuokova, Communication Director of Erarta, sounds just as please: “The evolution of Lamborghini’s design and technical innovations have become part of the history of automotive but also of art history. Each Lamborghini model, in its culture and authenticity, is in fact comparable to a real artistic object. The Erarta Museum is pleased to welcome Lamborghini, a prestigious Italian automotive company, whose exhibition is proof of our constant commitment to show the best examples of contemporary art”.

The exhibition will be available in the newly inaugurated wing of the museum until December, 17.

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