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December 10, 2013

Annalisa Rampoldi is a kinesiologist, reflexologist, naturopath and beautician that makes sessions of applied kinesiology in the centre Lario Kinesiologia in Como. It's an alternative therapy through specific muscle testing, that brings the body back into balance by removing any energy blockages. Considered as an independent discipline by conventional medicine, the applied kinesiology uses a technique to obtain information about a person's health and to assess the problems related to nutrition or emotionality.

In the centre Lario Kinesiologia in Como, kinesiologist Annalisa Rampoldi also carries other types of treatment such as the Dorn Breuss massage (to improve and maintain a good posture aligned and free of stress), massage of the connective tissue, spinal mobilization and Tui-na, a Chinese massage technique that literally means "push and grasp", useful mainly in the energy imbalances.

Tests for food intolerance and the useful bioelectrical impedance analysis are also available. The last one is an analysis that allows you to monitor in percentage the elements that form our body, as fat, muscle mass, water, bone mass and visceral fat. The results of this analysis determine the caloric intake that a person must ingest daily.

For the care of the person, Annalisa Rampoldi of Lario Kinesiologia also performs reflexology, reflexothermal, lymphatic drainage, facial treatments, electrical stimulation treatments, purifying and energizing treatments, anti-cellulite massage, hair removal for men and women, pedicures and manicures.

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