Lido di Mondello, the most beautiful beach in Palermo

April 25, 2014

Lido di Mondello was turned from an unhealthy marsh into the most beautiful beach in Palermo and it has become an exclusive resort much loved even by the so-called jet set. Credit goes to Prince Francesco Lanza di Scalea, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who in 1891 had the idea to clean up the area, quickly making it the place of residence for the haute bourgeoisie and nobility of the city, also thanks to the construction of lush villas in Art Nouveau style and the creation of many exclusive and aristocratic clubs.

Today, Mondello is the hub of Palermo’s summer life: from May to September tens of thousands of people of all ages flock to this small fraction of the capital to relax on the white sand and bathe in the clear waters, among other things. The beach is also equipped for the practice of water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. The seabed, which is rich in marvelous vegetation, is low and therefore very suitable for the children to play in. At evenings (and nights), Mondello becomes a true heaven for young people who enjoy themselves in the many bars along the promenade. There are of course restaurants serving typical Sicilian cuisine, souvenir shops and anything that might tempt a tourist.

Mondello is geographically placed in a bay between Monte Pellegrino and Capo Gallo, and is easily accessible from the center of Palermo through the many avenues or even secondary roads. The town’s original nucleus is located at the northern end of the bay, where a small fishing village still survives, developed around an ancient tuna fishery no longer operative. Much of the village was eventually turned into a gastronomic paradise, full of pizzerias, bars, restaurants and fast foods.

Mondello is also known because of its important World Festival on the Beach, an international musical and sports event which takes place every summer for thirty years now. The sports program mostly includes: sailing races, windsurfing, fencing, surfing, beach volley, kayaking, swimming, running, kite surfing and wakeboarding. At the same time there are concerts of classical and pop music, p

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