Life as a soap opera on Como Lake

February 26, 2013

Although the soap opera is over for almost five years, fans of Vivere always remember with pleasure the location of their favorite program and many are those who decide to spend their holidays on Como Lake, to go and see the places where were shot remotes.

Many people know that, while the interior of the show was shot live in Milan, in the study of Via Mambretti, in 1400 sqm with 30 sets, the grounds were shot in Como Lake with external digital cameras.

Como has lived for several years between fiction and reality, with most of the city defined and setted for shooting needs, from the steps of Torno overlooking the lake, whose foot there is Locanda Bonelli, to Via Maestri Comacini in the historical center, scene of clandestine meetings between Letizia and Alfio Gherardi. Locanda Bonelli is actually the Belvedere Restaurant, which for years saw the arrival of many tourists, who asked to Mirella and Giovanni Bonelli, characters of Vivere, finding Ivonne Pavesi, the owner of the restaurant, instead.

After nearly ten years of broadcasting, the soap opera Vivere has become famous and is a source of pilgrimage to the historical sites of shooting still today.

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