Think ahead about 2023: book now and secure the villa you want at the time you want it

August 17, 2022

In these two years of pandemic, the world of luxury rentals has undergone a remarkable change and has also become a much sought-after solution, as villas offer - in addition to luxury, privacy, and comfort - also a high degree of security, thanks to the ample spaces available and exclusive use.

In fact, while usually the majority of bookings occurred from January to April, in recent periods we have seen huge volumes of requests for the following year arriving as early as November and December.

This is because, in addition to having the opportunity to choose the property you most prefer, you can also choose the week or month that suits you best: for example, the spring period on the shores of Lake Como, which offers unique scenery, or immersed in the nature and art of Tuscany, and again, southern Italy such as Puglia and Sicily, which are fantastic not only in summer, but also in September with very warm and sunny weather.

Here are some highly sought-after destinations and some travel themes to inspire you in your next luxury experience in Italy in 2023!

Lake Como - excellence all year round

Wonderful villas, beautiful scenery offered by the green mountains, natural springs, villages and trails for long walks, just a short distance from the big cities.
An exceptional area to spend luxurious and relaxing vacations, all year round, but especially in the spring period.
Discover Lake Como in a luxury villa!

Tuscany - art, nature, food and wine

One of the Italian regions that offers a complete package: art cities, nature, unique countryside, sea and mountains, great food and quality wine.
Tuscany is an ideal year-round destination.
Discover Tuscany in a luxury villa!

Sicily - summer...even in autumn

The largest island in the Mediterranean is a true cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic excellence. The climate then allows you to enjoy a prolonged summer; in fact, even going into autumn, between September and October it is still possible to take a nice swim in the magnificent waters.
Discover Sicily in a luxury villa!

Food & Wine

From north to south, passing through the center, Italy offers an unparalleled variety of excellence: wines, cheeses, breads, desserts, pizza, olive oil. Each region has its own food and wine heritage for you to discover.
Discover the perfect villas for those who love good food and wine!

Art & History

Italy is a nation of art and culture, cradle of European civilization: in Italy resides about 78% of the world's artistic heritage, all to be discovered.
Discover the perfect villas for those who love art& history!

Luxury, Nature, Wellness and... shopping

Luxury villas surrounded by nature, within walking distance of major cities such as Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, etc. By choosing one of our luxury villas, you can enjoy a complete package of all these things: privacy, relaxation, wellness and outdoor activities, as well as shopping and nightlife.
Discover the perfect villas for those who love nature and wellness, and for those who love shopping!

These above are just some of our luxury properties ans experiences that are available for weekly rentals: do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

These are just some of our luxury properties in Italy that are available for weekly rentals: do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

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