Luxury tourism 2019: travellers look for exclusive services and experiences

April 24, 2019

Italy is a very loved country, especially from foreign luxury tourists which appreciate the exclusive services and the elite destinations – from the North to the South of the peninsula. In the “Bel Paese” there are many destinations with chic boutiques, top restaurants and locations overlooking breathtaking views. But what makes a vacation really “luxury”?

According to a research by CBI, “There is no strict definition of luxury tourism. What travellers see as “superior”, “convenient” and “engaging” is subjective, and therefore hard to define”. Anyway, after having studied the European luxury travellers, CBI has shown that they look for specific elements: customized services, comfort of beds, reliable transports, good quality of food and wine, exclusivity, positive and professional interaction with staff.

Luxury tourism, travellers love customized services

The customization of services for travellers has become more and more important for a luxury vacation. The attention to the comfort of the customer, together with an helpful staff, are essential elements to make the traveller appreciate more his stay and to make him come back again for his next vacation.

Guided tours, car rental, boat or helicopter tours, private chef and spa services: these are only some exclusive services that tourists love to find in the location they choose for their luxury holidays. These elements, in fact, make the tourists’ stay a real unique experience.

Luxury tourism: easy online booking

In the end, luxury travellers turn more and more to the online to book their vacations. For this reason, it is importantto guarantee a fast and efficient booking procedure, like the one offered by WeVillas website.

In order to ask for information about a villa or to verify its availability in the period of your holiday, there are only a few steps to do: go on the website, fill the form on the side of each page and, once received the answer from our staff, send a booking request.

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