Luxury travels: increasing trend, more demanding travellers

August 24, 2018

Luxury travels, in Italy and around the world, never go out of style. In fact, international luxury trips are expecting to increase from 6 to 10% in the next two-three years. Travellers choosing exclusive destinations and locations will be more and more demanding, asking for unique experiences with customized services. That is the scenario shown in a piece by Italian press agency Adnkronos. WeVillas exclusive villas offer a tailored solution for the type of clients which choose to spend a holiday surrounded by luxury and relaxation.

Those people preferring trips in complete comfort are, indeed, couples with age from 36 to 55 years old; then come families and groups of friends. Travellers express their favour for private excursions dedicated to nature and culture. Also, luxury tourists love culinary experiences and will be more and more sensitive to eco-sustainable solutions. New destinations will always arouse travellers’ curiosity. Customers will be ultra-connected and well informed to fully enjoy all the attractions of their destination. Exclusive services, such as the ones offered by WeVillas luxury locations, are considered a plus with added value – together with suggestions and recommendations from experts.

Finally, regarding the more appealing elements for luxury travellers, there are: relaxiation and comfort in total privacy (51%), gourmet experiences (50%), tours and cultural visits on private base (49%), original activities (45%), tailor-made excursions into nature (43%) and outside the box experiences (30%).

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