Luxury villas for a vacation in Florence: the treasures of WeVillas

October 25, 2023

A vacation in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, becomes a dream come true when choosing to stay in one of its magnificent luxury villas. For those seeking a truly exclusive lodging experience, WeVillas offers a selection of enchanting properties that promise not only comfort and luxury but also a deep dive into the rich history and culture of the region.

Here is a list of the most prestigious villas available on, each unique and offering an unforgettable experience in magical Florence.

Villa Renaissance

With over 400 years of history, Villa Renaissance is situated on the Florentine hills, boasting wonderful gardens. It is renowned for its garden structure, studied for centuries by architects and architectural historians. This beautiful location overlooks the Valdarno and is very close to the center of Florence.

Apartment Birenz

A spectacular luxury property for rent in Florence – a city rightly considered among the most beautiful in the world. Apartment Birenz is located in one of Florence's most famous and appreciated residential neighborhoods. From here, you can quickly reach the city center, as the property is just a few minutes away from downtown. At the same time, your privacy and tranquility are ensured by the estate's high levels of luxury and comfort.

a view of the center of Florence

Villa Careggi

Villa Careggi is one of the most unique and spectacular luxury villas for rent in Florence. The villa, unique in appearance and with a heated pool, offers unparalleled views of Florence and its many beauties. Characterized by spacious rooms and vibrant colors, spectacular luxury details, and fine furniture, Villa Careggi is located in an ancient and prestigious Florentine estate.

Villa Arcetri

Villa Arcetri is a breathtaking luxury villa located near Florence. This mansion has long been one of the most appreciated accommodations by many Hollywood celebrities for its unique appeal and many luxurious details.

Villa Marble

Less than an hour from Florence, Villa Marble is located in the fortunate land of Leonardo da Vinci's birth, in the famous Montalbano territory. An area that still produces wine and oil, it offers an unlimited number of small towns and villages, each with their restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. The valley extends from the city of Lucca to Florence and includes the typical hills of the Tuscan landscape, with many medieval towns and villages, Renaissance art and landscapes, as well as several spa centers.

The climate is milder compared to other areas of the Tuscan countryside, due to the influence of the sea, located just 40 km away. This location is pleasant and relaxing, as well as very close to all the most coveted and interesting tourist destinations: Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Forte dei Marmi, and Vinci.


Choosing a luxury villa in Florence on WeVillas is an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the charm, history, and natural beauty of Tuscany. Each villa offers not only luxury and comfort but also a unique experience that connects visitors with the deep essence of Florence and its culture. For an unforgettable holiday, these villas represent the ultimate in refinement, elegance, and Italian authenticity.

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These are just some of our luxury properties in Italy that are available for weekly rentals: do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

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