Made in Italy also means clean energy

March 12, 2018

Made in Italy is only about spectacular shoes, amazing food, otherworldly beautiful clothing, but also an ever-growing green approach to business. Made in Italy is, in fact, also related to clean energy and all about saving energy.

The most recent case is Enertronica, the Italian company operating in the renewable energy, energy saving and electromechanical system design industry, which will start two important projects in Chile and Iran for a total of 16 MegaWatt.

The two deals, whose total value is about 1.5 million US dollars, aim to provide the “Sunway Skid 2500” solution including inverter, transformer and medium voltage switchboard, all fully assembled and tested in Italy. The products will then be transported on site through a special transport system purposefully developed by the company’s subsidiary, Elettronica Santerno.

Made in Italy goes to the Middle East with these incredibly prestigious contracts that represent a top-notch solution in terms of photovoltaic solutions. The project will begin this year.


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