Matera under the snow is spectacular

January 9, 2017

Italy is currently going through a pretty difficult time caused by freezing temperature that have been blasting the south of the country. But Matera, the city of stones, is nothing less but spectacular when photographed covered by a thick blanket of snow.

The sight is peculiar, since Matera is not often “dressed in white”, so to speak: on January 6th, the city was immortalized in a series of pictures destined to become some of the most beautiful ever shot in the area.

The city, also known with the nickname of “the Bethlehem of Italy”, has become the main star of many pictures on Instagram, but even professional photographers like Rocco Giove know that the sight is endearing. The landscape photographer has documented the unique spectacle of the snow-covered stones and the chilling wind that seems to be freezing in place the entire city.

The scenario is in no way gloomy: on the contrary, it almost seems to crystallize the perfect beauty of Matera and its “nativity scene” appeal. And the sight is breathtaking even though the minimum temperature dropped to 4 degrees below zero.

Italy is expected to fight against some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the country at least until the end of the week. The Italian government has asked the citizens to limit their movements especially in the areas that have been hit the most, including the ones in Central Italy where the earthquakes recently struck.

In the meantime, ski lovers are definitely enjoying the beautiful layer of soft snow on the Alps and the Apennines.

In the picture, shot by Rocco Giove and published on Repubblica: a snow-covered Matera.

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