Italy: Monica Bellucci in Taormina for the Silver Ribbon Awards

July 3, 2017

Italian beauty and actress Monica Bellucci was in Taormina, Sicily, on July 1th to receive the Silver Ribbon Award (Nastro d’Argento) for her role in the movie “On the Milky Road” by director Emiur Kusturica.

The ceremony was held at the marvelous Teatro Antico in the spectacular landscape of Taormina, on the east coast of Sicily and in the province of Messina. Taormina surely represents a magnificent example of Italian beauty, just like Monica who, at 52, is more breathtaking than ever.

In what she described as her “gipsy path”, Monica said that Italy has always remained her spine, her roots. The actress appeared relaxed and in a very good mood during her meetings with journalists and fans. It is, in fact, a wonderful time for Bellucci who, recently, was added to the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which assigns the Oscars: “I was not expecting it. I did not work much in Hollywood, my international movies have always been of European matrix, so it’s a great recognition for me”.

It’s not the first time that Monica Bellucci wins the Silver Ribbon Award: it had already happened in 2003 for her role in the Italian movie “Ricordati di me”. But she is especially proud of her new award: “I was awarded in my country, that’s the most beautiful thing and Kusturica’s movie is giving me great satisfactions, it’s being released all over the world, recently in China and soon in the United States”.

For her role in the movie, Bellucci earned the acclaim of many critics: “There’s still a long road ahead for equality between men and women, but today there’s a different look on women, a different and stronger idea in society about femininity and sensuality, which is reflected in movies as well. Today, a 50-year old woman can still have so much fun”.

And so much of everything else.

Congratulations, Monica!

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