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Sparks of lava into the sky: Italy’s Mount Etna erupts again
30 May 2016

Sparks of lava into the sky: Italy’s Mount Etna erupts again

It has happened again, leaving people with their mouth wide open and full of “aaaaw”. Mount Etna, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, Europe’s highest and most active volcano and one of so many wonders of Italy, has erupted a few days ago, sending sparks of lava into the night sky

Short and explosive: that is how the recent eruption was described by witnesses and media, who talk about “bubbling lava filling one of the craters” of the volcano. The following day, Etna showed still some sporadic activity and, finally, went back to nap.

Some groups of extremely lucky tourists had the chance to observe this unique spectacle from a relatively close area, since mountain guides working on the 3,330-meter volcano had the time to bring them together to watch Etna from a secured area. 

One of the tourists described the view as nothing short but “magnificent”. 

Mount Etna is a quite lively spirit which, from time to time, wakes up, stretches its massive muscles, yawns, turns over making a fuss and finally goes back to sleep. Its last major tantrum dates back to 1992.

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