[VIDEO] Naples, Italy: take a look at the world’s longest pizza

May 23, 2016

Where do you imagine the world’s longest pizza to be? Isn’t Naples probably the best city on Earth to witness such a Guinness World Record? Yes, it is.

A hundred chefs collaborated along the seafront of Naples, Italy, to give birth to the longest pizza ever made - as the Guinness World Records has already confirmed. This Neapolitan pizza measures something like 1,853.88 meters, meaning 6082.2 feet or 1.15 miles.

The world’s longest pizza has a quite peculiar recipe: 2000 kilograms of flour, 1600 kilograms of tomatoes, 2000 kilograms of mozzarella cheese and 200 liters of olive oil. And, guess what? All ingredients are absolutely local, coming directly from the Campania region, not casually recognized worldwide as “the home of pizza”.

The world’s longest pizza is the result of a very specific event, called “L’Unione Fa La Pizza”: it involved the skills of a hundred chefs, who spent 11 hours preparing one of the most mouth-watering foods the man ever created. In order to cook the pizza, the chefs used five specially-made portable wood fire ovens - as tradition calls.

The event “L’Unione Fa La Pizza” was organized by Oramata, the company linked to Napoli Pizza Village, in partnership with the Neapolitan pizza makers association, the Municipality of Naples and the Universe Foundation.

After the pizza was certified to be the longest ever make, visitors were able to taste a slice. The remaining pizza was taken to Camper Onlus Association, Italian Red Cross and Chicchi di Grano Association and freely redistributed to those in need. A video of the event can be seen by clicking here.

Buon appetito!

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