One-day itinerary on Lake Como

April 1, 2015

Loved by artists and writers, Lake Como is one of the most fascinating places in Italy, a renowned destination for tourists from all over the world. There are many things to see and admire in this area, so it is difficult to enclose them all in one day. Nevertheless, with just a little of organization and good will, you may be able to take a wonderful trip.

Arriving at your destination early in the morning, it is highly recommended to visit the city of Como itself, which offers beautiful landscapes and enchanting sights. Among these, there is undoubtedly Broletto Palace, built in 1215 and restored in 1477 by the podestà Bonardo da Codazzo, to whom we owe its current Renaissance appearance.

The Como Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Northern Italy, whose full implementation has required three whole centuries. Begun in 1396 and completed in 1740, it combines various styles, thus creating a harmonious mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. In addition, in Como you can admire the Volta Temple, a neoclassical building that houses a museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta; built around 1920, the famous Pantheon in Rome inspired it. Alternatively, you can visit the majestic Villa Olmo, one of the most beautiful and romantic neo-classical villas throughout Italy: overlooking the lake, it is worth seeing both for its gardens and for its architecture and interiors.

In the afternoon, you can drive away from Como to visit the charming towns along the lake. The first is Cernobbio, an elegant resort located at the foot of Mount Bisbino. It owes its name to an ancient convent, which was built around year 1000. Cernobbio is renowned for both the breathtaking views as well as the beautiful and prestigious villas; among these stands out in particular Villa d'Este, a real treasure of the sixteenth-century. Then there is the resort town of Bellagio, also of great value, known for its quaint old town and the unique location: the town stands in fact on the tip of the promontory that divides the lake into the two branches of Como and Lecco, housed in a highly suggestive landscape. In addition to luxurious villas, Bellagio offers colorful houses, picturesque alleys, peculiar stairways and ancient churches.

Having some spare time, it is recommended to make a quick trip to Isola Comacina, the only island of Lake Como. Almost completely uninhabited, the island has held in the past the role of a fortified citadel, until it was completely razed in 1196. Today, you can admire the remains of colonnades and the ones of Roman churches, surrounded by a wild and lush greenery.

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