Pilates and its benefits for body and mind

June 7, 2013

Born as a sport for the Stars, Pilates has quickly spread all over the world for the simplicity of its exercises, but especially for the benefits it brings to the body. It is a mixture of gymnastics, yoga and dance that invigorates and effectually streamlines the entire body. It's useful to quickly find your fitness but also inner well-being.

The Pilates method is based on regular movements very easy to learn, with no inconvenience for those who practice them. In addition to bringing remarkable aesthetic results, Pilates helps to correct asymmetries and chronic weaknesses. The result is a smooth and toned body, as well as a more balanced and relaxed inner life, obtained thanks to the full self-control which is acquired through this discipline.

As pointed out by Guido Fezzi and Linda Nicoli, Pilates instructors of novantuno Studio, "Pilates improves the lifestyle of the person because its benefits do not end once the session in the studio stops, but it brings consistent and long-lasting results."

Concentration and accuracy are two prerequisites for a perfect execution of the Pilates exercises. The fluidity of movement and breathing are also required and can be learned and improved with practice. Those who practice it regularly perceives changes in a few weeks, and they will affect their lives of every day and help to correct the daily bad habits.

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