Hot air balloons float over the beautiful Italian countryside

July 31, 2017

Italy has recently hosted one of the most important ballooning events in the world: on the last decade of July, around 30 hot air balloons gently floated in the Italian skies, over the marvelous countryside, as part of what the organizers called “the most relaxed event on the international ballooning calendar”.

The spectacle was objectively breathtaking to see: the colorful balloons lifting up in the air at sunrise, above the Sagrantino wine valley in the Italian region of Umbria and quietly floating in a blue, summer sky.

A balloonist from Northern Ireland, Robin Mercer, comments: “It’s a lovely way of seeing the world. It’s not like being in an aeroplane of a helicopter. You can look 360 degrees, it is something really, really special”.

The event, called the Sagrantino Italian International Balloon Challenge Cup, gathered participants from all over Europe and beyond. What makes this event so special is how laid back it is, since the number of “ballooners” is limited in order to guarantee a very soft, tranquil experience both for competitors and viewers.

Of course, being held in Italy, the event could not miss what makes the country so special in the world: its food & wine experience. Unsurprisingly, the Sagrantino Italian International Balloon Challenge Cup includes events that allows the participants to taste some of the most delicious local dishes.

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